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Our aim is to make our clients’ lives and work easier by providing reliable and top-notch virtual assistance, administrative supports, goal-aligned strategy, as well as personal and professional development. We always make certain that we consistently deliver outstanding results.

Work Efficiently and Achieve Growth With Our Help

Get all of your tasks done promptly and systematically when you enlist our services at VMI Solutions. We provide a variety of support services, coaching, and consulting to individual clients and enterprise owners. We also offer self-paced, supported, personal and professional development courses to increase knowledge, skills, professionalism, and opportunities, empowering you to thrive!

We assist in the following areas:

Coac​hing & Consulting

Process Improvement



Our specialized virtual assistants (VAs) are here to handle the duties and tasks that you don’t have time for or can be delegated. We provide a convenient solution for every individual or professional who needs to focus on the more important aspects of their business. Through consultation, we can determine the optimal path to success. 

Call VMI Solutions today. 

Mission and Vision Statement

VMI Solutions assists in adding value to lives and businesses; meticulously executes with integrity and the highest quality; and seeks to aid in improving expected outcomes.

VALUE added. METICULOUSLY executed. IMPROVEMENT guaranteed. 


About Our Company

VMI Solutions is a network of highly skilled professionals. We specialize in supporting individuals and entrepreneurs with their administrative, marketing, operations, and business development needs. Our job is to solve our clients' problems, giving them peace of mind. 

Through coaching and consulting, VMI helps its clients dramatically improve their outlook on work and life, while improving their leadership skills and unlocking their potential.

Contact us today to discover how we can meet your unique needs!

Our Clients

We cater to anyone who would appreciate support in the form of personal or professional coaching, administrative assistance, business development, improved workflow, marketing, or other services based on consultation. Whether you are a business owner or individual, we are here for you.

How We Started

VMI Solutions was founded by Letisha Vinson more than 12 years ago. She had been working as an informal servant leader at a major healthcare organization where she assisted executive leadership with achieving company goals.

Letisha recognized her attention to detail, organization skills, resourcefulness, creativity, and analytical and solution-focused mindset. These qualities turned her into the go-to person and “glue” of departments served. Eventually, people began making personal and professional request from her.

Since then, Letisha has helped several individuals and businesses develop solid foundations, improve processes, add value, ensure compliance, and build their brand. She has also provided them with administrative services as needed, whether on-site or remotely.

We’ve come a long way, and we are now a full team of like-minded individuals seeking to help others achieve their goals—big or small, long-term or short term. We offer virtual assistance to a wide range of clients, from jobseekers needing help with a resume to executives reevaluating operations and marketing strategies.

VMI Solutions executes all projects with utmost attention to detail and dedication to exceeding client expectations. We’re all about building relationships and communicating with clients through every step of the process—from conception to completion. All tasks are supervised and reviewed by management for quality control and executed by talented and passionate staff.

We operate based on our strengths; we make certain clients are matched with the "best-fit" person on our team. This ensures that we provide both parties with a rewarding experience and that clients achieve results that exceed expectations.

Our services include resume writing, marketing design and development, marketing consultations, quality and process improvement support and consultation, personal and professional development courses, and network building. We also offer a wide range of administrative services to businesses looking for resources and support.

Equipped with our passion and your drive for success, we are ready and eager to serve you! 

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